Online Web Scraper API (Why Your Company Needs It)

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Many websites can incorporate a very large amount of priceless data.

Product details, Stock prices, company contacts, sports stats, you name it. If you plan to access this information, you’d either have to apply whatever format the website uses or copy paste the important information manually into a new record. Here’s where web scraping can assist. Web scraping relates to the extraction of data from a webpage. This information is compiled and then delivered into a format that is more helpful for the user. Be it an API or spreadsheet.

The web scraper will yield all the data that has been gathered into a format that is more beneficial to the user. Some web scrapers will output information to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV, while more innovative scrapers will support other formats in particular JSON which can be applied for an API.
What is Web Scrapers Used For?

By this factor, you can definitely think of many different ways in which web scrapers can be used. We’ve put a few of the most common ones just below plus a few special ones.

● You can scraping stock rates into an API
● Extracting all data from Yellow Webpages to generate leads
● Data from a stock locator to produce a list of business places
● Products data from web sites like eBay or Amazon for competitor research
● Scraping sports figures for fantasy leagues or betting
● Other website data prior to any website migration
● Scraping product information for comparison shopping
● And extracting the investment data for market insights and research

The listing of various things you can do with web scraping is mostly endless. Most likely, it is all about what you can do with the details you’ve gathered and how effective you can make it. So, now that you understand the basics of web scraping, you’re perhaps wondering what is the best web scraper for you? The specific answer is that it will be based. The more you know about your scraping requirements, the better of a concept you will have all about what’s the best web scraper for you.

Data-driven Marketing

Data is important for any sales and marketing endeavor. There is nothing new about it. Though, access to data is one thing that distinguishes two affiliates at times. Web scraping can make the data ready to formulate the techniques.

Even though web scraping can be done manually, in many cases, automated tools are recommended when scraping web data as they can be less expensive and work at an efficient rate. However in most cases, web scraping is not an easy task. Websites come in many forms and shapes, consequently, web scrapers vary in features and functionality. Automatic web scrapers work in a rather simplified but also complicated way. Most likely, websites are created for humans to comprehend, not machines.

Even though web scraping can be done manually, in many cases, automated tools are chosen when scraping web data as they can be less expensive and work at a quicker rate. But in most instances, web scraping is not an easy task. Websites come in many forms and shapes; this is why web scrapers vary in features and functionality. Automated web scrapers perform in a rather simple but also complex way. Most likely, websites are built for people to understand, but not machines.

Web Scraping for Content Marketing

When it concerns content marketing, web scraping is used for collating information from various sites such as TechCrunch, Twitter, etc. This data, then, can be used for making and engaging content. Engaging the content, as you understand, is the key to business web traffic and growth.

Earliest, the web scraper will be given one or most URLs to load before scraping. The scraper then forces the entire HTML code for the web page in question. More innovative scrapers will render the whole website, including JavaScript and CSS elements. Then the scraper will either extract all the information on the page or particular data selected by the individual before the project is run.

Helpful for Lead Generation

As long as lead generation is involved, many businesses have to spend plenty of money on getting outgoing leads. This could burn an opening in your budget. On the other hand, web scraping is now controlled to scrape data directly from a variety of sources and build leads. By doing this, quality leads can be produced at a low price and the budget can be used on other significant things. Preferably, the user will go through the procedure of selecting the specific data they need from the page. For instance, you may want to scrape an Amazon product page for models and prices but are not really interested in product reviews.

Competitive Analysis

When it comes to competitive research, it is hard to get all the data you need from many websites to put together a suitable comparison and knowing of your competitors. Having it out manually is not just time consuming but also ineffective because you may or may not be in a position to fetch data precisely. In this dynamic competing world, accuracy and speed are everything.
Rather, web scraping has now changed this space and offered a more efficient alternative by quickly fetching information and supporting competitive analysis. By doing this, web scraping is familiar with automating the competitive analysis and data extraction.

Effective SEO Monitoring

Better search engines tell us lots about how the world of companies moves. How content drives up and down in positions is also a key to how one can prosper in this Internet age. One can learn the way content performs on the Internet and obtain strategies and insights.

Although, manually it cannot be completed. Therefore, there is an increasing use of web scraping resources to scrape the data about what goes on behind the action in search engines. Web scraping can run your understanding of content in the name of SEO and result in actionable intelligence with value to SEO.

Reputation Overseeing

It is necessary to understand how consumers feel about you and you’re branding. You can have an undefined idea about it but offering an account based on data can be complicated. Though, web scraping tools are becoming so advanced that they are now ready to extract client reviews and other inputs from web pages in no time and enhance branding or reputation overseeing quite easily. Multiple companies use web scraping to realize their customers’ views and provide them better.


Since the Internet has developed astronomically and companies have become progressively dependent on information, it is now an obsession to have access to the new data on every given matter. Data has become the foundation of all decision-making procedures whether it’s a non-profit organization or business. That is why; web scraping has discovered its applications in every attempt of note in modern times.