Although I like this farm and I believe it's great

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Yes, I know that the Olympics took place in WOW TBC Gold Olympia. It is already established that the Spartan Games are an annual event with a quad-annual mega sporting event known as the Olympic Games -- in my version of Greece it is the only means that a person who has not been born to free Spartan parents can obtain Spartan citizenship, if they are able to win the gold medal, or be at risk of death (the Games that grant citizenship are a version of gladiatorial games).

Three warriors on a ship determined to slay the vicious monster that is terrorizing their city. One of the warriors who sees the Kraken briefly emerge from the depths below, turns to the other and informs them "We're going need a bigger vessel."

The evil king of Tyranny engages the young hero to a sword fight. He slashes off the heroes hand, and has him in a stalemate. The king asks him to help conquer Greece. The hero says no, because they killed his father. "No Lucius! I am your father!" The crowd gasps.

There's a show about war where the king Sparta is depicted as kicking the man into a well shouting "this is parta." Some of the people in the audience consider this to be a bit ridiculous, however the Spartans seem to have a lot to say about this.

Although I like this farm and I believe it's great to have tbc materials that are available for sale such as basilisk eyes, cobra scales and oshgun fragments , but they always take some time to sell, an hours farming can take up to two or so months to sell. This isn't to say that they're not farmed either, you will still have quite a lot of competition on the items you are selling and, more often than not, you'll get bored of selling them and cut them down to 25% of their average cost.

This area was once the site of a farm before TBC was in use. Then, when WoW Tokens arrived, it became a waste of time farming to earn gold. The time spent earning gold and the time spent swiping it are very different. Even though you claim that you earn 87k per hour, you can actually take a swipe of $20 to get an amount of 190K (NA) gold. The cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold Retail gold is able to be exchanged for Classic so long as it's not against ToS.