3-player NBA 2K22 Milwaukee Bucks lineup that is certain to increase in value

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Another season has passed, and it's time for another installment of the best-selling NBA 2K video game series to make fun of the Milwaukee Bucks

Another season has passed, and it's time for another installment of the best-selling NBA 2K video game series to make fun of the Milwaukee Bucks.

A hot topic of discussion among fans has been the team's ratings, particularly with regard to the trio that has just won the championship and is being rated rather poorly for a group that has just won the championship. As is customary following the release of a game, controversy will inevitably ensue. However, even if a player receives a rating that is too low, the beauty of it is that they will have the opportunity to improve their rating as the new season progresses.

There are several players who stand out in terms of their individual ratings for the 2021-22 Bucks, and their ratings have the potential to rise as a result of their efforts. Whether it's due to their role, fit, or circumstance, or simply because they are rated too low in the first place, here are three Bucks who will see their rating rise in the coming months. 

A higher rating in NBA 2K22 for Rodney Hood of the Milwaukee Bucks
It is a bit surprising to see that Rodney Hood is the 12th ranked player on the Milwaukee Bucks' 2K22 roster, with the only players with a lower rating being the trio of Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Elijah Bryant, and Mamadi Diakite. Hood has a 72 overall rating after having his least productive season of his career in 2020-21. His rating is likely to rise if he finds a rhythm with the Bucks, which is highly unlikely.
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First and foremost, Hood's health must be in good condition in order for him to improve his standing. His availability and production have been severely limited over the course of the past two seasons, as a result of a severe case of the injury bug. It will be all about working his way back into form and demonstrating that he can still be a productive scorer in this league this season after signing a one-year "prove it" contract with Milwaukee in the offseason. Indeed, he has averaged at least 10 points per game in each of his first seven NBA seasons, with the exception of last year and his rookie season.

Following the departure of Bryn Forbes, the Bucks have a lot riding on this move, and if Hood can get back to his previous level of play, he will provide a significant boost to their second unit's scoring. The fact that Hood has struggled with Achilles, hand, and hip injuries over the past two seasons does not rule out the possibility that he will contribute at least a double-digit point total off of the bench in 2021-22. In the event that this occurs, Hood's 72 rating will almost certainly rise significantly.