est Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020

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est Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020

Nowadays, your Android smartphone is taking place of all the necessary things which entertain you at your spare time. Life becomes so busy that no-one has enough time for their entertainment. Nowadays, your smartphones are becoming your entertainment, whether it is online gaming, news or TV. All these things are now available on your smartphones. Here, we are coming with a 35+ free live TV app for android devices that you can use to watch and stream free live TV on your Android smartphone. Pick up the best free streaming apps as per your choice for Android devices from the list.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

Most of the Apps in the list not only provide free streaming to the TV shows, but it also lets you search web directory to stream TV channels online as well. Check the list below and choose from some of the best Android apps to stream live TV online on your Android device.

Note: Before you go to the live TV and streaming android apps in the list, you need to be sure that “Enabled unkno wn sources” are enabled on your device. If you don’t know how, go to the settings of the device and follow the steps below.
Best free live TV Android apps
When you are home alone or with family and want some entertainment, the first thing comes in to the mind is Watching TV. Here, some of the best android apps to watch TV show online for free and can also stream your favorite channels. But some apps in the list come with some legal aspect while some are legitimate. With these applications, you can get to all top level live channels from over the globe.
1). Mobdro
Mobdro is the most popular name for the purpose of free live TV on the Android device. This live TV app is categorized into different genres: Movies, Entertainment, Music, Tech, Sports, Animals, Gaming, Anime and Spiritual. There are mainly two types of contents in the Mobdro app. The first are those which come from free sources like YouTube and webcams, etc, and the second one are those which comes from various TV channels like ABC, CBC, CNN, and Cartoon Network. On this Mobdro app, you can download those popular TV shows and movies as well. Some of the best features of this app include streaming TV channels, movies, and much more.

2). Live NetTV
Live Net TV App is one of the most popular Live TV apps to watch tv shows online free. It is the best live tv streaming service that you can use to watch Sports, Movies and TV Show on your Android device.

This app is a super simple, easy, and fun app for streaming television over the Internet. LiveNetTV is a multimedia application which support 10+ languages and in this app you can browse more than 900+ channels from many countries that including UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many more countries. However, the quality isn’t so great, but what’s more, it’s free and best app to watch and stream TV channels on your phone.
3). Exodus Live TV App
Exodus Live TV App is another great app to watch live TV for free. The app’s UI is very simple and user-friendly. Exodus Live TV Apk hosts a large amount of contents from the USA UK that is for without any subscription fee but contains Ads. There is also an Ad-free version if you are willing to pay some amount of money. In this free live tv streaming app, the contents are categories into Sports, Entertainment, News, Religious, Movies, etc. Most of the channels in this app run smoothly without any buffer.

4). Swift Streamz
Swift Streamz another great android app to watch live TV channels and streams over the internet. The app hosts over 700 channels from 30+ countries including India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Australia, France, Greece, Canada and other American, African and Asian countries. More channels get added daily and if your channel is not listed then you can recommend them to add.
5). RedBox TV
RedBox TV is a free live streaming App and has 1000+ live channels from 15 unique nations. It has built-in support for all the popular media players. It supports android player, MX player, 321 player and Web Player. The application simple to utilize. Simply select your preferred channel to pick the media player and done.