In the game which will transform FIFA forever

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In the game which will transform FIFA forever.For FUT 22 Coins, EA Sports motion-captured a 90-minute match between two Spanish teams. Its echoes will be heard by millions of gamers.

Under the floodlights of Seville's stadium with a capacity of 60,000 La Cartuja stadium, two Andalusian sides take to the pitch for the latest chapter in their fierce local rivalry. It's possibly the most important game they've ever played and it's evident right away.

Within a few minutes of kick-off, slide tackles fly in and the opposing players jostle to get the ball. A late challenge lights up the touch paper, and the two teams face each other, arms extended, chests puffy and waving imaginary yellow tickets to the official.

As the fouls pile up, so do the goals. Atletico Sanluque?o go 3-1 up. In the second half, CD Gerena, chasing the comeback, abandon their patient, possession-based play. The pacy forwards and wingers are replaced by powerful forwards. Long ball are swung into the box and every wave is stopped by Sanluque??o's heroic leaps. Gerena is able to score a goal, however there is a limit to how much the wall-to-wall defense can absorb.

They take the win 4-2. In the last few minutes Sanluqueoo's rage draining tired minds and legs. The Gerena team falls on their backs as the players cheer. Some glance up, others shrug their shoulders. They're aware of the significance of this game and it will be remembered as being one of cheap FIFA 22 Coins the most significant 90 minutes of football played. However, it won't be found in the record books.