While I find Eastern countries fascinating

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In the end, I believe there should be some added risks to RuneScape gold the "wilderness" between towns. This could be outlaws coming out to attack you, natural disasters, and so forth. Jagex tried to make it with the introduction of level 5 Highwaymen. They're not significant for all players over level 10, and they don't pose any danger for those who are who are smart enough to be able to run.

These dangers would vary according to your skill level and are less common when you are at higher levels. They could appear out of nowhere and fight only you, similar to old random incidents. This would likely help to stop botting. It would also be a good idea to expand the map but it would be a challenge.

While I find Eastern countries fascinating, I think they hold a lot of potential. However before we dive into them, I would rather look at Menaphos or Prifidinas. When they want to retcon, it is essential to keep them a secret. They're great, but unnecessary at the moment unless Jagex is really keen to draw in an Asian playerbase. If they were released, I'd like to see tie-ins with Player owned Ports, Majharrat, and maybe even a different race altogether...but not Pandas as in WOW.

Regarding the map of the world, I love what they did with buy OSRS gold the new update. They filled in the edges. Although there is still much to be accomplished, the ugly edges are gone and the maps look more balanced.