Varrock was always a place where you could go back to if you were lost

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Varrock was always a place where you could go back to if you were lost

Varrock was always a place where you could go back to OSRS Gold if you were lost, you wanted to go to Falador or you wanted to test your luck at PvP in the "wildy". Varrock's two banks have always been populated, with customers purchasing and selling goods. That's how the economy of Runescape looked before the Grand Exchange. You'd be amazed by the different colors of armor, weapons and caps and would like to know how to obtain similar objects.

You figured out at some point that being a Member offers more benefits than being a f2p participant. Although your parents wouldn't allow you to pay $10-20 for a month-long membership, they didn't hinder you from playing for free To Play. You'd like to return to Lumbridge to keep your learning even though you're just Level 3. However, you wouldn't know how.

Your new friend would then be rushing to you, as a small dot on the minimap. You then right-clicked him and pressed "Follow". Within a matter of minutes, you'd be fighting cows and collecting cowhides from Lumbridge.

After some training, you would encounter other players lurking around. You'd occasionally strike up a conversation and get to know their lives, whereabouts, and what their interests are. They could offer advice or even trick you into going into a wild area to kill you and take all of your inventory. It's a heartbreaking experience because you would not know what to do after you received the following message: "Oh dear. You have died."

Lumbridge was well-known to you. You had only kept three of the things you had previously. You were now able to stay clear of going north to Old School RuneScape Gold the "wildy", and you didn't intend to. These events provided you with valuable life lessons, such as not trusting anyone who offers you a deal that appears too good to be true. Runescape changed my life forever. That's the only thing I can say. These people can teach you how it works and how to maximize your enjoyment. People would give you things because you were a noob and you'd keep these new items until others replaced them.