The dribbling it might be a lot better than 2k21

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I wouldn't say it's as finely tuned as Hollywood however but nba 2k21 mt coins its definitely getting there- the quantity of psychological impact is definitely palpable in these cover to acquire kind games.The construct is nice and stuff. But calling builds"demonic" or even"demigod" is your cringiest shit.

Nah man, this build is full on"DemonicGod". You see that they didnt have enough space on the screen, but under Zion, it is supposed to state Draymond Green and Giannis too. Then below that it says Shaq, Kobe, MJ, James Harden, and Lebron. 80 Badges. Contact dunks and speed boost. Can play almost any position.

I know I'm gonna get hate with this but I really enjoy the game thus far and love the new shooter meter. I really believe this will be better than 20 and that I will have fun on it. I don't despise them for making it the same because the new gen is coming out in 2 months lol. Obviously they're gonna go all out trying to improve the graphics cause that would be stupid to put all their time when the new gen is coming out at precisely the exact same time frame so that they most likely directed their attention to next gen.

I understand that's a shitty thing on their part and they haven't been reliable the past 3 decades but it's like when the ps4 came they stopped putting effort into their 2ks and then 2k14 about the PS4 was amazing and everyone loved it. Anyway my point is I actually love what they've done together with the meter and believe it feels fantastic and plays great so far and I am not bashing them because of it looking exactly the same because it is supposed to look the same until next gen.

So realistic dribbling gotcha. Now if it's still bad and seems the same and performs exactly the same on next gen I'll for sure be pissed and be carried out with 2k but like I know that's my opinion on things.Sorry for punctuation BTW phone is real laggy.Dribbling was kinda cruced the way you do motions does not transition or correlate well. Like the new way to do a behind the back just doesn't flow well with different motions.

I actually liked the dribbling longer, sounded like it was harder to spam 1 move together a bunch and simpler to chain unique moves more smoothly, I believe as we get more accustomed to buy mt nba 2k21 the dribbling it might be a lot better than 2k20. Even if it is miles better than 20 we're still a road trip away from any other 2k.