This will assure that the character is suitable

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The players will be able to "enter the university for the league", "participate the G-League" or "participate the NBA draft" after they officially start the "My Career" mode. If you opt to participate in the NBA and are not able to be admitted back to the university again and participate in the G-League and if they choose to join the G-League and continue to be a part of the NBA following the completion of a year, but you will not be able to continue to play in NBA 2K22 MT the college league.

If you choose a university then you are able to choose from all three of them. Thus, if a person desires to obtain the greatest experience, or assess the strengths of the character, it is advised to join the college league at an early stage, then the G-League and then the NBA. Additionally, if successfully win the college championship it will also mean that the character get an additional skill badge.

This will assure that the character is suitable for the NBA draft's first round. The character will also be capable of joining a more powerful team and Buy 2K22 MT also earn a higher salary (VC Coin). This will give them more chance of making the playoffs and taking home the championship. When they succeed in winning the college or G-League, the character can gain additional abilities.