I'm not saying that the NFL won't extend EA next year

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I'm not saying that the NFL won't extend EA next year

"Non simulation football game experiences" has me worried. It's a really comprehensive statement while at exactly the same time sounds like it was Mut 20 coins for sale quite intentionally worded so that it does not encroach on their complete"flagship" game like Madden. If you like NFL Street or Blitz that I think you might get excited, however I really don't see how this could end up being rivalry for Madden. The NFL also didn't initially like NFL Blitz since it was so different than how the NFL wanted to portray their sport - they signed a philosophical arrangement and fans fell in love with it. The 1 thing I think we could hope for is they do a fantastic enough job to in which the NFL enables them take the reigns for a couple of years from Madden and give them their chance, again, about producing a full blown NFL game. Unfortunately I think that will be years off.

Among those links provided states,"now author 2K and the NFL announced a new multiyear, multi-game partnership for new football games" Which means they could be focusing on an NFL road type of game and a Sim game.Well, it can not be a sim game. The statement says that. It's also a very comprehensive statement and there are a couple of systems that Madden isn't released for - i.e. handheld devices. It could also be something such as Tecmo Bowl or a"Head Coach" kind game.

It could be but possibly a sim game after Madden loses it's NFL exclusivity. Very possible anyway. I'm astounded the NFL is currently allowing. I believe that reality opens up the possibility that some 2K sim game could become reality at some point.I certainly think that it's a big step that the NFL opened the license up whatsoever, although EA asserts that their permit constantly only employed to"simulation" games. I do not think that it'll be much, although I really do think it will force EA to behave in some shape or fashion. Unfortunately their contract expiry also comes at a good time for EA and Madden, as EA only released in their announcement that Madden 20 was the best-selling Madden ever.

I am cautiously optimistic about this news. I believe this is excellent news overall, although I know that's sort of a let down and it's going to become an arcade mode game. I believe that the NFL has to benefit from this move financially. Everybody (including the NFL) knows this 2K bargain isn't going to be nearly as rewarding as EA. The money the NFL sees out of a move such as this is a drop in the bucket compared to their general revenue. I feel like this is a trial run for 2K to see if they possess market and the ability to encourage future matches.

I'm not saying that the NFL won't extend EA next year, but I could see them giving them a much briefer deal than last time in case Madden 20 NFL sells nicely. I believe this movement proves that the NFL cares about how they're portrayed in their games at least a little and I believe that they are open to having more than just one game. I mean I might be wrong, but this doesn't feel like a cash grab move by the NFL. Nobody anticipated this without even involving 2K in buy Mut 20 coins any 23, and they could have easily become 2021 and elongated EA for another decade.