Doubling the investment simply doubles your return

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Amulets of Fury are an excellent choice, and it is the RS gold most effective hybrid amulet in fact. If you've got cash to spend , it might be worthwhile to invest in a Saradomin's Hess (second highest magic amulet behind the Stream Neck), Murmur (currently the top melee amulet in the game) along with Whisper (best ampoulet for range).

Melee weapons if you don't have chaotics available, you can also purchase Drygores. They're superior but quite expensive. If you don't want to spend an excessive amount of money, just go with your Saradomin's Godsword. (or learn to train Dung and acquire a maul)

Magic weapons are available for purchase Virtus Wand and Book, but they're more expensive than Drygores. Seismic wands and solerity are ridiculous expensive atm The ge price claims the wand's value is 500 million dollars, but it's actually worth 2Bish. If you're not looking to spend a lot , buy an Arma battlestaff. It's not as effective as a Chaotic Staff, but it's superior to SoL at the very minimum.

With the advent of the grand exchange, products are exchanged with ease, and can effectively be considered the same thing. Say that (hypothetically) you require 100k cannonballs of slayers and you can afford 200k at 250gp each. If you spend 25000k on 100k cannonballs, and they increase to 300gp each, then you will have 30000k that you can use to convert into cash or make use of. Additionally, if cannonballs rather drop to 200gp for each then you'll be left with 20000k to exchange for cash or use.

Doubling the investment simply doubles your return, no matter if it's positively or negatively. If you think that the price of cannonballs will increase, invest whatever amount of money you'd like into them: The higher your investment and the more potential profit on whatever you don't get to use. If you end up purchasing less cannonballs than what you'll need If they do increase, you'll need to purchase the remainder at a greater cost.

Basically, if you think that the number of cannonballs is going to rise and you want to invest in them, do so regardless of the quantity you believe you'll need to take down. If you're unsure about whether they will rise and you are unsure, keep the money in cash and osrs fire cape service pay for cannonballs at a time instead of keeping a stockpile.