How players can do the return mission walkthrough in Lost Ark

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How players can do the return mission walkthrough in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, no matter which mission the player is completing, they may encounter obstacles on the return mission. Even if the player completes all other prerequisites in this questline, the player cannot receive the Return Trip until Ratik has been completed. This is the last mission in Rohendel's main storyline, completed after conquering the Palace of Mirage dungeons and talking to Queen Azena, and after waving to the cheering townspeople outside the solarium.

The Tower of Thanks quest is the next prerequisite for the return journey. There is no obvious starting NPC for this quest. Is It Safe to Buy Lost Ark Gold Online? MMOWTS is the safest option. Because before the player accepts the quest, the player must first complete a series of miscellaneous acquisition quests that involve hidden magic books scattered throughout Rohendel. These tasks can be done in any order. However, if the player does not find the first one, the player may not know they are related.

Once all the books have been obtained, players can go to Rothun and they should see the Tower of Thanks quest available in Dawnkeep. Talk to Aberuth there and he will thank the player for finding all the books. The player will need to speak to him again, as he will tell the Lost Ark Gold player that they intend to use this recovered magical knowledge to research the "Phantom Curse" that plagues Ivan. By the way, MMOWTS offers players a lot of Lost Ark Gold to help them become stronger.

The second major prerequisite for getting the return quest is to repair the seal location. This is a daily Una quest to complete in the Destroyed Sylvain Settlement area of ​​Shiverwave. To truly "repair the seal," the player needs to do the job and turn it into a Gherdia seven times a day. When the player submits this Una's quest for the seventh time, Gherdia will offer the player a return quest.

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According to Gerdia, now that the seal site has been stabilized, the final step in curing Aven's curse is to kill the Mirage Legion Queen and obtain the Overrun King's Sword from her. Players can enter as normal or hard, but players will need to enter this dungeon again to reach the Phantom Legion Queen and loot the overrun King's Sword. After this, the player can leave immediately by playing the Escape Song sheet music, and still keep the sword.

Talk to Gherdia again after the player has the Corrupted King's Sword. He will make some medicine to bring to Ai Wen. Go to Irwin's house at the Sylvain residence in Shiverwave Lake and deliver the medicine to the injured Irwin. After taking the medicine, Aiwen will recover from the curse. Players just need to talk to Turan and Aiwen to complete the quest. In the process, if the player lacks Lost Ark Gold, they can go to for help, they are ready to provide the player with the cheapest Lost Ark Gold on the market.