The Hidden Gems to Visit in Oahu

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If you're visiting Oahu for an extended stay or vacationing there for your second or third time, don't miss its hidden gems. They're a bit off the beaten trail and a short drive from Honolulu, where you'll likely be staying. Several adventure boat operators run North Shore tours that aren't to be missed, along with seeing the Seven Mile Miracle (world-famous surfing beaches). A day on the North Shore is a change of pace from Honolulu and lets you see sights about natural beauty. They're some of the most enjoyable things to do in Oahu, and your kids and teen will love adventure boat touring.


Marine life tours are ideal choices for your boat ride, and you can see more than you would nearly anywhere else. The most popular attraction is whale watching, and for people visiting between December and April, it's a chance to see the humpbacks during their annual migration. They communicate with each other by jumping out of the water (breaching) to make a splashing noise, and it's a sight to behold. Make sure you bring your camera or have your phone camera ready. More than a few people have gone home with incredible pictures. You'll love the vacation memories that last a lifetime.


No place in the Hawaiian Islands matches Pearl Harbor for military history, but the are some artifacts to view to and from whale watching. One the same boats but traveling in a different direction, you can see sharks. It's not challenging to cruise through the exact spots where the shark cage diving takes place, except you'll be safe in a boat and not underwater. Today's Oahu tour boats are rigid inflatable watercraft, and they're safe, smooth-riding, and comfortable. Even when you ride across big waves, there's little splashing, and you stay dry. They have transformed ocean touring for the better.


Last but not least, there's Oahu's Seven Mile Miracle. It's a series of world-class surfing beaches known the world over. You can see them from a boat even better than on land, and while you're out, you can ride the big waves. Most of us have seen large waves of Oahu in movies and on TV, but nothing compares to experiencing them firsthand. When you're riding with an experienced local captain who knows where to find them and how to ride smoothly above them, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have teenagers skeptical of many tourist sightseeing activities, they'll love this one.