The shooting contest and blocking systems were completely rebuilt

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The shooting contest and NBA 2K22 MT blocking systems were completely rebuilt, which led to several new snatch blocks as well as volleyball spikes, which had never occurred prior to. The shot contest's rewrite eliminated those "ghost contests" which were the subject of a lot of complaints as well as this year's contest, getting out of position or not getting your shooting hand into the shooter's face could result in easy buckets for the offense. However, properly crowding shooters with good contests will result in many airballs and bricks in the same way as they ought to.

For floor protectors Body-up rides and bumps make you feel more enthused, especially for those who use the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller due to the tactile feedback. Shifts, launches, stops, and cuts all feel more precise, and PS5 players will notice less sliding at both sides of the floor because of improved foot-planting.

Defense was also a main priority for the next-gen AI front. The new on-ball defensive position logic provides defenders with more consistency in their position, regardless of their distance from the basket. This, along with improved motion, helped us to tighten our general defensive position, meaning PS5 players are feeling more pressure at the ball, which was not present in the game last year.

This year's goal was to bring 2K MT the Basic Size-ups and Signature Size-ups, and to give players a different feel and rhythm while sizing up. The goal was to give gamers complete control over how the series plays out. The speed stick we introduced on PS5 in the past also comes back. The stick is flipped quickly will result in quicker Dribbles while slower flicks provide you more beat-like ones.