It is important to note that as you'll need a lot of duplicate cards

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The first level of a card is 0 , and it can be used up to the level 5. It will unlock extra sets of bonuses and Lost Ark Gold effects after it level's upTo upgrade your card into the new Awakening Level it is necessary to complete two steps. The first is to boost its XP level by feeding it XP cards , or duplicate cards.

You must continue to do this until the XP gauge is full. When that happens you must give it more duplicate cards to "Awaken" it (push it onto the next stage).The more advanced the Awakening Level the more duplicate cards you'll require to move to the next level. The duplicate cards required by each Awakening Level are listed below.

Awakening Level 1: One duplicate cardsLevel 2 of Awakening: Two duplicate cardsAwakening Level 3 Three duplicate cardsAwakening Level 4: Four duplicate cardsAwakening Level 5: Five duplicate cards

It is important to note that as you'll need a lot of duplicate cards to activate an existing card, it's a prudent idea to not feed a duplicated card only to boost its XP count. Instead, it's much more efficient to just provide it with XP cards.

You'll earn XP cards in the same way as the other cards you collect through completing different tasks in the game. However best place to buy Lost Ark Gold, they also feature a rarity system with the rarer cards giving more than XP (up to 9000).