Why America Needs Active Shooter Training For Churches?

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This article was genuinely published here and copied with permission.

A church is a place of worship where we go for personal intentions to be heard by the almighty. We go to church without inhibitions or fear, knowing we are safe. But is that so. Haven't you read about the massacres and shootings that have rocked the churches across the nation in the recent past. Here are some examples below, as told by Active Shooter Training experts. And this is why we urge you to get empowered and trained in active shooting- you will know what to do when you are caught in such situations.

Mass shooting at Charleston, SC

On June 17th, 2015, a mass shooting happened in Charleston, SC. Reports say, around nine citizens (African Americans) lost their lives while the Bible study classes were on at the well-known Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church- it was a white supremacist attack on the innocent citizens, all of whom were Afro- Americans.

If that was not all….

In another report by Christianity.com, it is reported that while the eleven am service was on, and worship was on in full swing, in Texas, an active mass shooter attacked the Southern Baptist church, which was deadly in the history of the US shooting cases. Victims' ages ranged from five to seventy-two, most of whom were killed (26 of them), while another twenty were gravely injured. This wouldn't have happened had they known first-hand what to do when stuck in such a situation. You need to be prepared for such situations because you never know (even in the house of God), who can open fire and when.

This year, Los Angeles..

A church close to Los Angeles was targeted this year, where one person lost their life and four others were injured critically. This comes just a day after a shooting by a gunman killed ten people in NYC at a local grocery mart.

Finally, one more incident that shook America...

If it was not enough, right the day after the deadly shootout at Oklahoma happened and a week after the Texas shooting, there were two more shootings at a church, and a cemetery, says a report. The Cornerstone Church reported that an adult male was shot badly, and two females were killed- the gunman then took his own life.

Why did we share such examples?

You need to understand that we care for your safety- our first priority is your well-being. This is why we researched the shootings that happened in full swing across the country in the recent past and beyond and brought it to you to understand that such incidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. We live in a world of uncertainties, and we are not trying to scare you but preparing you on how to react when you face such situations. Heaven forbid!

This is why, at the Active Shooter Training in Florida campus, we ensure to give you the best training through our courses, which would empower you further on how to save yourself and others, should you happen to be in such a situation.

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