Sleepless Master (70)

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"The level of Lingshi is very similar to the level of weapons in the secular world. There are five levels in total,

"The level of Lingshi is very similar to the level of weapons in the secular world. There are five levels in total, namely, the lower grade, the middle grade, the top grade, the best grade and the best grade. The higher the level of Lingshi, the stronger the spirit contained in Lingshi. The speed of using the lower grade Lingshi to practice is completely different from that of using the best Lingshi to practice.". However, we have to wait until we enter the realm of cultivation and experience it before we know exactly what is going on. "The level of the spirit stone is finished, and the next is the type of the spirit stone.". The Lingshi in circulation on the market can be roughly divided into five major systems, corresponding to the five elements, namely, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. According to these five systems, there are many other different types derived from the same system, for example, the "sea jade" and "snow essence stone" we captured before, both of which belong to the "water system spirit stone". "In the realm of cultivation, if you want to cultivate a'forbidden 'to a very high level in the shortest possible time, the best way is to find a spirit stone with the same attributes as this'forbidden'.". For example, if you practice the fire system ban,Marble Granite Price, but use the water system spirit stone, there is a conflict in attributes, then the progress of practice will become very slow, probably only 50% to 80% of the normal speed, and if you use the fire system spirit stone, and the fire system ban complement each other, then. The training speed is likely to increase to 150% ~ 200% of the normal speed! Walking on the broad winding mountain road of the Great Snow Mountain, Chen Fan unreservedly imparted to Jiange some common sense knowledge about the realm of cultivation that the Dragon King had taught him in boredom a few days ago. There are also some special attributes of the spirit stone outside the five elements,Marble Projects, such as the dragon spirit stone, the ghost spirit stone, and so on, these spirit stones are used to practice the special forbidden necessary things, even if the level of two spirit stones is the same, the price of the special spirit stone is several times more expensive than the ordinary five elements spirit stone, or even dozens of times. If you have a chance to hit this rare Lingshi in the future, don't sell them as ordinary goods or use them as ordinary Lingshi.. "Speaking of prohibition.." I'd like to ask, how many formations (forbidden) are there in the'Black Iron Entangling Soul Silk '? Jiange suddenly remembered that he had just captured the black iron soul silk, which had been sent out in his hands for less than half a minute, and he didn't even know what his attributes were. Chen Fan smiled and said, "There is a foot-binding ban on Huang Yijie." "Dizzy, so bad, only a ban ah?" Jian Ge was greatly disappointed. Indeed, compared with the 999 kinds of prohibitions in the Dragon King Seal, it is a compliment to say that the black iron soul silk is rubbish. However, Grey Marble Slab ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Chen Fan did not have a trace of disgust, laughing: "But it is very practical, especially to use it to plot against people..." This head still said this, and suddenly there was a deep sound of drums at the top of the mountain. Looking through the layers of clouds and mists, the huge and magnificent Tianlong Hall is not far away. Because of the perennial clouds and mists on the top of Daxue Mountain, this magnificent palace seems a little mysterious. Arrive Chen Fan held his breath and walked up the steps carefully. About three hundred meters ahead, two people as tall as ordinary people, but with a thick layer of scales on their bodies and a huge tail, appeared in front of Chen Fan and Jian Ge. Forbidden Land of the Tianlong Clan! Intruder will be killed! Mortal, retreat quickly! The taller Tianlong man on the left opened his mouth without a trace of emotion in his dark eyes. I won't leave until I get the Dragon Blood Heavenly King Dan. Chen Fan came straight to the point and his tone was very tough. Oh The dragon man on the right pulled out the sword hanging on his waist, and a faint light flashed on the blade. "If you refuse to go down the mountain, then go to die!" With the word'die ', the dragon man had come to Chen Fan and danced a set of exquisite swordsmanship. The sword was like a rainbow, blocking all Chen Fan's attack routes. Undaunted, Chen Fan stretched out his right hand and clamped his sword with a finger of Lingxi. With a hard clap of his left palm, the vigorous force of his palm hit the Tianlong Man. The Tianlong Man, who had been hit in the chest, immediately spat blood at the mouth. He took several steps back before he staggered and stood firm. His eyes were staring at him. He didn't believe that he would be repelled by a mere mortal. I can't believe I'm not dead! The dragon man's body is really strong! Chen Fan was a little surprised in his heart, although he did not use all his strength, but, the general return to the realm of the master, in his palm also absolutely no possibility of survival, which can be like this Tianlong people, just spit a few two blood, even the fighting capacity has not weakened at all. How dare you, mortal! The Dragon Man on the left flew into a rage and reached out to grab Chen Fan. In midair, his right fingernail grew so fast that it was three feet long, like five bright blades. Get out of the way! Chen Fan does not talk nonsense with him, palm a turn, lightly defused his attack, and the dragon man to fly out. The two injured Tianlong people stood up with each other's arms, looked at each other, and ran in the direction of the Tianlong Palace at the fastest speed, apparently to move reinforcements. Go Chen Fan and Jian Ge continued to move forward, and they were never stopped along the way until they came to the entrance of the Dragon Hall. Clatter, clatter! Chaotic and hurried footsteps came from the hall, followed by more than a hundred three flowers, five gas period of Tianlong people rushed out, without saying a word, directly surrounded the two. Among them, there are four Tianlong people whose breath is particularly strong, far more than the sword song. They are the four dragon guards of the Tianlong clan-the heroic dragon guard, the fearless dragon guard, the powerful dragon guard and the domineering dragon guard. Before coming here, Chen Fan collected a lot of information about the Tianlong Clan on the Internet, so he knew that there were countless strong people in the Tianlong Clan, but only five of them really threatened him, namely, the Four Dragon Guards and the Black and White Tianlong,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the head of the Tianlong clan. You two not only broke into the Tianlong Clan, but also injured my clansmen. What on earth did you do? A cold voice sounded from inside the hall, and a young dragon man in a black and white robe sat on a huge golden sedan chair and was carried out like the moon.