The strongest hacker

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Although Zhang Yang hung up the phone, he could still see the action on this side.

Although Zhang Yang hung up the phone, he could still see the action on this side. At this moment, the other side's ships had begun to move towards the two merchant ships on the satellite screen. However, the two merchant ships should obviously have been warned, stopped and continued to move forward, and tried to turn around. But the time is obviously too late, at the moment the two merchant ships are near the junction of Myanmar and Thailand, and this is not the Chinese border, and at the moment the other side's ships are only 1 kilometer away from the nearest one of the two merchant ships, that is, a few minutes can be close to the two commercial ships, but the only good news is that. It happened that two fighter planes on routine patrol at the nearby border had just received orders. Straight across the border and flying fast down the Mekong River. Hurricane 1. Number two, power up. Get to the scene as fast as you can. As a steady male voice came from the communication channel. If the other side attacks our ships, I authorize you to carry out autonomous attacks. Although the patrol fighters do not carry much ammunition,65 inch smart board, it should not be a big problem to stop some ships, but the only regret is that. Because the two fighters were only on a simple routine patrol mission, they carried only machine ammunition and two short-range air-to-air dogfight missiles. Hurricane 1, get it! "Hurricane 2 understands." With the voice of the two pilots, the tail of the two J10 improved fighters quickly spewed out long flames, and the two fighters directly made a detonation sound and entered a brief supersonic flight state. Now on the Mekong River,65 inch touch screen, two bandits with machine guns have approached two merchant ships and opened fire on them. Without any defensive force, the merchant ship had to stop. At this moment, the Thai police have also been warned by the Chinese side, and the high-speed patrol boats of the police are also coming quickly in this direction. Just as the bandits boarded the merchant ship, two fighter planes arrived and saw the situation on the river at the moment. One of the fighters directly turned its nose and fired its cannon at one of the Airbender speedboats. It's our fighter! At the moment has not been boarded, the position is relatively backward, Yuxing 8 ship immediately heard cheers, and just by fighter planes with machine guns to sweep a speedboat officially ready to board Yuxing 8 bandits. The bandits on the other boat saw this and immediately took the crew of the Huaping to run directly to the speedboat. Because of the existence of hostages, the two fighter planes could not open fire and could only watch the bandits carry the hostages to the speedboat and leave quickly. At this time, two fighter planes directly and illegally intruded into the airspace of three countries. Under diplomatic pressure, 75 smart board ,classroom interactive whiteboard, they had to return temporarily. At noon on October 5, the hijacking on the Mekong River was quickly disclosed by the media. It's not much different from history, although satellites can monitor the situation in this area all the time. But because of the dense mountain forests on both sides of the Mekong River, after the bandits landed, they had disappeared from view. Zhang Yang was a little annoyed. If he had told the higher authorities about it ten minutes earlier, the rest of the crew would not have been hijacked. Although seven people have now escaped the bandits' kidnapping, the lives of those five people are still somewhat worrying. After the Mekong River incident, the Chinese Foreign Ministry quickly lodged a solemn protest against Thailand and Myanmar. If the two countries could not solve the case of the Chinese crew being hijacked, China would directly exclude its own special forces to rescue the crew. Both Thailand and Myanmar were caught off guard by China's tough stance. The tough attitude of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also unexpected. It seems that whether a country pays attention to the protection of its own people is directly proportional to the country's military strength. The United States dares to write on its passport that no matter where you are, the United States of America is your strong backing. That's because the United States has a strong military force and can say no to any country in the world. But if you don't have a strong military force, even if your attitude is tough, you can't beat others, who cares if your attitude is tough? The Philippines and Vietnam have now laid down their arms as China's aircraft carrier battle groups assert sovereignty over the Nansha islands and forcibly seize Philippine and Vietnamese ships trying to enter the area. The two countries are not stupid, in fact, this is nothing more than a test of attitude. However, Thailand and Myanmar have issued serious protests against China's tough attitude, protesting that Chinese fighter planes have entered the border without the permission of the two countries. On the afternoon of the 5th, in response to the attitude of the two countries, when Defense Minister General Liang answered a reporter's question, he once again made shocking remarks about the protest raised by the reporter that the so-called fighter planes of the two countries had entered the border without permission. …… I didn't want to talk about this issue here, but at present, a considerable number of the people who hijacked the Chinese crew are regular Thai soldiers! If the Thai government can not give us a satisfactory answer on this matter, and can not guarantee the safety of our ordinary civilians, then the next time into Thailand, the so-called illegal border crossing is not just fighter planes! General Liang's attitude can no longer be described as tough. You know, he is the defense minister of the Republic, and the defense minister of a country makes such a positive and direct response to the diplomatic response of another country, which can almost be equated with a signal of local war! Moreover, these media reporters are more sensitive to the fact that the regular Thai soldiers in General Liang's mouth. These media reporters also know General Liang very well, although the Republic's attitude toward the outside world has been changing over the years. But relative to the United States, it is still very low-key, but now let a country's defense minister say such a thing, you can imagine how angry this matter will make Liang! In response to General Liang's reaction,touch screen whiteboard, the Thai side apparently panicked, saying at the first time that it would strictly and thoroughly investigate the matter, and mobilized a large number of police and troops to search for the whereabouts of the Chinese crew.