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Astolfo, cousin of Roland, was one of those twelve knights. However, according to legends, Astolfo was considered one of the weakest amongst the knights

With the present moves towards online business, remote working, and the expanding global marketplace, it is easy to feel disconnected in a world that should be more connected than ever before.

But due to the booming animation industry, there are now more ways than ever to connect with people. These connections can be unexpected, creative, and incredibly effective - whether online or in person.

Below, we take a look at five of the key ways that animation can be used to achieve a astolfo fate with your audience - whether they're family, friends, students, potential clients and customers, or anyone else. The only limit is your imagination!

There are now numerous opportunities for public speaking, both online and in person. Many businesses have company conferences or regular video calls, for example, as well as university lectures, guest lectures, or invitations to speak at an event on a particular topic.

But where does animation come in? Surely public speaking involves appearing and speaking as yourself? Not necessarily! Not only can animation now be used to add a variety of highly engaging visual elements to your talk - such as animated effects for titles, slides, and even video tutorials - you can even create an animated character to speak for you!

Animated characters can be synced with your speech or facial expressions to deliver a talk as you're making it. This can be especially popular with younger audience members, or for light-hearted events, but they can be used for any occasion that you think appropriate.

Why not deliver a speech or QA as your company mascot, for example, or allow a cartoon version of yourself to speak and be more animated, interactive, and approachable for your audience?