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AstolfoWP (アストルフォWP, Asutorufo), Class Name Rider of "Black" ("黒"のライダー, "Kuro" no Raidā), is the Rider-class Servant of Celenike Icecolle ...

The first episode of this had me hooked. I mean, any episode where a man's dying wish is to have is hard drive wiped, has got my vote. This turned out to be a pretty funny twist on the over-saturated genre.

Satoru is a middle aged man that agreed to join fate astolfo and his new girlfriend, at a meetup. What he didn't plan on was jumping in.

Goblin Slayer shocked everyone with its very... intense first episode. While others were put off, I welcome the nice change on the genre. It's a serious show, with some pretty great comic relief moments.

Goblin Slayer is the name of an adventurer who only takes on goblin hunting quests. After saving a priest from a pitiful fate, she joins his party. Later, more and more come looking for him, seeking his skills.

I've never, ever watched an idol show. But... this season, I'm watching an idol show. This show is hilarious. I love it. I don't even care that it's an idol show. The comedic punchlines are on point.

When five former pop idols suddenly wake up as zombies, they have no idea what's going on! Things only get more weird when their manager declares them to be a new idol group, and they are to play at shows! But, of course, no one can find out they're zombies.