In the middle of town rather than in the statue

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It may be beneficial to buy the Guthans set, for its healing effect. A Slayer HelmBlack or Black Mask would also be good if you're training Slayer. Dragon full helm is poor, dragon square is bad, dragon plate and chain are poor, rune defender is much better compared to obby shield, proselyte is missing, sw cape and ardougne cloak are overlooking, ring of wealth RuneScape gold is so poor, bandos boots are poor. The rest is fine.

So my friend claimed that I am unable to kill 50 Mithril Dragons at 1 trip and I truly want to prove him wrong. I have done a few practice runs with welfare supplies and equipment but only managed 20 kills. I didn't have a BoB with meals and pots, just a Fire Titan, so clearly I can radically increase my killcount by doing that. However, I still imagine myself to be short a few kills and want help optimizing my equipment and supplies to get as many kills as you can. I need help thinking about any way possible to improve this installment to be able to manage 50 kills. Any suggestions whatsoever would be nice.

I messed up BIG TIME somehow on the Shilo Village quest - is there any method to start over? I've been trying to finish quest for a month today! I can't recognize the ruins. I've tried to go back to the beginning and do everything Rs 3 gold again, I've searched every inch of the cave - LITERALLY EVERY INCH! - When I return to Tuff he informs me to bury the remains in the middle of town rather than at the statue such as the pursuit guides say. If I struck the Quest status on my character it says the following still Has to Be achieved (not dismissed yet)