Baccarat online for free

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After the cards are shuffled, the banker must give one of the players to remove the deck.

Baccarat online for free is one of those games that gambling houses lure customers with, along with roulette, shtoss, macau and other sets, and in which luck plays a dominant role.

Baccarat is played with two full decks (104 cards), which are shuffled first by one of the punters and then by a banker. The banker has the right to remove the deck (take a few cards from above and put them under the bottom of the deck). The players are seated randomly. The number of players is unlimited. The player can leave the game or connect to it at any time. The latter is possible only with the permission of the banker.

After the cards are shuffled, the banker must give one of the players to remove the deck. Cards are dealt one at a time, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. As a result, each of the players (including the banker) receives two cards. Only the sum of the points of the cards in the player's hand matters. Each punter, before receiving a card from the banker, must place a bet and place it near him.

The banker doubles every bet. The winning points are 7, 17 and 27; 8, 18 and 28; 9, 19 and 29. The best of them are 9, 19 and 29. The number of points 10, 20 and 30 are called "baccarat" and enjoy special advantages. Each figure in baccarat is worth 10 points. If the banker and the punter have the same number of points, then the bet is taken first. If the banker has 9 or 19 points, then he opens the cards and takes all the bets of the players, despite the fact that they also had the same number of points, that is, 9 or 19. If the banker has 8 or 18 points, and one out of 9 or 19 punters, then the banker pays the winnings only to this punter and takes the bets of all other players. If several punters have 9 or 19 points at once, then the banker pays them all. If neither the punters nor the banker have either 8 or 9 points in their hands, then you can take a buyback if there are less than 4 points in your hands.
The order in the buy-in is as follows: the ponter sitting to the right of the banker buys first, then the one sitting to the left, then again to the right after the first, then to the left, etc. It is bought by one card, the banker takes it last. After some of the punters announced the game on their cards, some bought and the bets were made, the cards are opened and the winnings are announced after checking the points. Here is a sample of the calculations that a banker may encounter:
the banker has 6 points, the punters have 7 and 5 - the banker pays to the first, receives from the second;
Punters have 7 and 8 points - the banker pays both;
punters and banker have equal amounts of 6 points, - all bets (single punters and double banker) are divided equally among those who have 6 points. This is the only exception. Usually, with equal points, the bet is taken by the banker.

In baccarat, the banker does not transfer the pot to another player.