Why are people so mad about PSO2 details?

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Why are people so mad about PSO2 details?

My buddy from PSU would have adored PSO2

If this is pso2 sales applicable, or perhaps worth mentioning, but about a decade ago, with my friend Rob and I met with. His character title was 8-9ft tall Cast running amok, XO. Rob was this personality of sorts who had a way of making any situation fun on PSU. I recall there was a marriage some man named JACKAL was having on the match, took place in certain southern area, forgot the title. JACKAL XO to function as priest for this secret wedding. Unbeknownst to himXO gave me a slice of the offer to come and be a wedding crasher.

Every player in Universe 1 discovered the location and wished to wreck it for free. These were great times. Times hidden to me because PSU. However Rob passed away in his sleep. He had two games he wanted to play anything, Final Fantasy and PSO2. Well, anything close to PSU to a sequel. Another day, friends that knew Rob said how much he would have loved this community, this game. I would have to concur. So here XO, save me a ticket to Raffon Field Base.

I recall him that he was a great guy. I have a lot of memories from that game of gamers who have since passed. Sad to see that we dropped another one. His memory will live on us with all PSU players that move ahead into PSO2 creating the community carefree and that much more affectionate. I also remember hosting a wedding for Delilah and those personalities Sin and that I was the photographer. I still have images of the wedding somewhere I think.

(I'll attempt to find to upload for one to all when I get home from work (no promises as I may not have the sd card that they were around anymore)) that happened in Neudaiz(not certain if spelling correct been too long) - Waterfall. That has been one of my favourite days in that match. Though it was nearly everybody in the server crashing the wedding that had been on at the time (not 1 crasher caused a problem even). I am hoping the community in this is just as great as the neighborhood was in PSU.

I had so much fun on PSU. I was a cast fortefighter. I met with many people on there and keep in contact to this day with a few. We proceeded over to ps4 and still play together weekly and always talked about PSU and our adventures there and here and how much we loved the game. It is those small things with those that you meet that make the sport great.

Why are people so buy PSO2 Meseta mad about PSO2 details?