It's clear that this is nowhere near the franchise's

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Mike Wang, Visual Concepts' gameplay director for the NBA 2K21 MT series, dug into the Pro Stick modifications in a blog post Thursday morning that announced the demo's availability. Taking a shot with the Guru Stick (a button command also initiates a shot) is now done by holding the right stick down, only. In past versions of this game, one could hold the rod in any direction, and it would cue a context-appropriate shot attempt. That holds true for starting layups and dunks.

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"So rather than trying to stop the shot meter when you get to the ideal release window, you fix the Guru Stick in real time to hit the ideal centre aim stage," Wang explained. "The goal window resizes dynamically based on player ability, shooting range, and how well the shooter is contested, and may also change into the left or right based on the shot's degree of difficulty"

Wang said in his blog post that a ton of trademark defensive movement styles were added to NBA 2K21, to complement the signature dribble styles introduced in Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. "In addition to this, movement has undergone several refinements, both without and with, to offer a more consistent and responsive feel on the rods," explained Wang.