I know it is more rewarding to utilize slayer

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Hunter: I found this for OSRS gold a great moneymaker when I was a brand new member. Getting the loot from a number of these creatures is really worthwhile and I would thoroughly reccomend seeing everything you can do with this particular skill. For a while, that was my principal source of money. I really don't know whether it is exactly the same now, but there is a chance it's, and in the very high levels that is certainly the case (grenwalls etc).

Hello, I've a question concerning training battle and since efficiency has never really been my thing I was hoping someone else here could give me guidance. I'm planning on getting members shortly and want to finally max out my battle (I've had this account for several years, I don't have any clue why I haven't done this yet...). Can it be general better to max out battle while obtaining 99 slayer or is it better just to power-train the abilities at bandits or spiders?

I know it is more rewarding to utilize slayer but also seems to require a lot longer time which is time that could be used on other money-making methods. Also, if you would not mind, what is the very best set-up (preferable under 20M) for the way you are suggesting. In the end, is your training just up to preference? You do not require the very best things to train, the benefits are just couple of%, and you do not have to train through Slayer, either.

The recommendation to train Slayer comes in high level players looking back and saying,"meh, want I trained Slayer, today I'm 138 and have 10 levels to go...". The ability does offer two main advantages and that is: You constantly kill something different. You are able to cancel a task if you don't like killing something. The downsides is that eventually you get tired of it as well, and you may only block 5 monsters. Also, some monsters aren't good for cheap RS gold training melee. I'd recommend training through Slayer, anyway, but you've read the truth, so up to you.