Solis Tractors can Surprise you with More Abilities than Expected

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Solis tractors are far and wide known for their tough performance, high backup torque, great fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, futuristic mechanics and comfort. Solis tractors are the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe.

With the manufacturing of tractors, we also produce various implements for soil preparation, planting, crop care, harvesting, post-harvesting, residue management and carrier-head. Solis believes in redefining the future of farming and so it is working persistently to attain this goal. Our tractors are strengthening farmers’ potential across the globe. We have become the No. 1 Tractor Brand in Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Iceland, Afghanistan, and Hungary. Also, we have maintained our position among the top 5 tractor brands in Brazil, Germany, France, Denmark, UK, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, and Belgium. If you are looking for compact tractors for sale, Visit the Solis tractors website to discover more about their tractor features.


Solis tractors are far and wide known for their tough performance, high backup torque, great fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, futuristic mechanics and comfort. Solis tractors are the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe, reaching a sale of 12,000 tractors in a year across the continent. They are an absolute example of value for money. Solis tractors can surprise you with more abilities than expected. Their tractors come in 3 ranges – S series, N series and H series. All of these tractor ranges have tractors that are extremely durable, economical and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit for any farming situation.


S series
Primary reason of S series is to delivers excellent value for money and advanced ergonomics in the fields. All the tractors from this series are highly productive, economical and fuel-efficient as well. This series offers five versatile tractors. S 20, this tractor is perfect for hobby or small-sized farms and private farms. The sturdy engine and better transmission amplifies growth allows you to work efficiently with top-class performance. S 26 This is the most versatile tractor from the series, delivering extra comfort and potential in every endeavour. The hydraulic power steering and the extra efficient engine help in reducing operational stress. S 26 shuttle XL, this specially built with a synchromesh shuttle lever and 9×9 gear, adds extra comfort to every farming venture. S 50, this mighty tractor is the perfect farming companion. The easy gear shift, smooth transmission and unmatched potential enable us to endure all terrain conditions. S 75, this sturdy tractor is well known for its high backup torque and lifting capacity. The powerful CRDI engine boosts productivity and works like an Agri-professional when attracted with heavy implementation. S 90, This tractor is designed to tackle jobs like haulage, industrial and loader applications. Also, its synchromesh transmission adds excellence to every performance.


N Series
It is known as the narrow track series. N series offers two highly versatile tractors which come with a low turning radius of 3.6m that allows you to move freely in small areas or narrow lanes. Both of the tractors are engineered to work efficiently in orchards and vineyards. N series comes in two horsepower – N 75. This tractor helps in spraying and orchard applications with a unique hydraulic circuit that helps in elevating its transmission speed. N 90, this tractor is integrated with a power steering with a minimum turning radius which can easily execute tasks like mowing, mulching, transmission and crop protection.


H series

This series offers hydrostatic transmission with a Mitsubishi engine, which makes it a complete all-rounder with advanced features and over-the-top lifting capacity. Solis H 26 transforms all your complexities at ease. We are soon going to launch more members of this series with upgraded features.

Types of tyres that are available:

Industrial tyres

Industrial tractor tyres are used for tough operations such as construction sites, forklifts, transport vehicles, industrial vehicles, tractors, etc. These tyres have been built from rougher and heavier grades of rubber that make them able to resist premature wear during working on concrete or gravel roads. They are built stronger that enables you to work on any type of land and offer great traction in tough conditions. The tread design also matters because that improves the grip and pace during the tyre’s application.

Their strong built and structure enables a reliable tread life and good traction ability, thus also elevates the load durability. The tyre shapes, its wider footprints and the even pressure all work together to boost the load durability. The tough rubber, effective tread design, reinforced tyre shape and well-built construction enables the tyre to resist and pull heavy loads with ease.

Turf tyres

Turf tyres are for lawn and garden and are a good choice for compact tractors. They are built in a way so that they can perform proficiently without affecting the surface. The tread is designed to work efficiently on the grass without harming the field. The optimal tread design and lug placement make it certain not to give any damage to the grass during the drive.

Turf tyres are specially made for lawns that can fit compact tractors and provide a smooth experience to the users. They are the least aggressive tractor tyres among the different types of tractors that offer the lowest traction. Although, they can perform excellently in tough conditions while ensuring dry traction. These tyres are somewhere least capable of working in wet conditions. Therefore, it is advised to use it in dry weather only.

Radial tyres

The radial tyres are unique because of their qualities, such as it has a 90-degree angle with the tread line. In these tractors, the cord is arranged radially, i.e. the cord’s threads are directed parallel to each other. This tyre comes with both of the options. It can be tubed or tubeless. The steel belts allow the sidewall and the tread to work efficiently. Its synthetic polyamide fabric provides more strength, elasticity, and lightness. These tyres are designed in a way to enable the users to work
independently and comfortably on the fields. They are strong but work smoothly so that the grass doesn’t get tarnished. As mentioned above they come in two types: tubed and tubeless, thus their performance and capabilities also differ according to their nature.

The characteristics that made Solis stand out as the best agriculture tractor

There are multiple ranges of agriculture tractors available in the market, but Solis is the appropriate best one. Well, Its dynamic structure and new-age Agri technology make it happen. Solis offers the top cost-efficient compact tractors that can become the best mate for your farms. Its toughest structure is built to conquer any challenge in the field.

* Accomplished to outshine in all kinds of terrain.

Its advanced engine and tough body help to work efficiently in any terrain without any disruption. Solis tractors also contain the ability to work in any soil. Sometimes in muddy or rocky soil, the situation becomes complex for the farmers, disrupting the planned schedule. But with Solis tractors, this problem will no longer stay with you. Its body structure and adequate traction can move smoothly across the land and eases your task. Its 4*4 drive feature helps all four tires hold the land’s perfect grip.

* Quality over Quantity

Solis tractors are engineered to deliver the best value to the customers. They give several more benefits than just work on a farm. Solis has designed varieties of ranges to handle any hindrance. Solis compact agriculture tractors are made to work on small to big farms. They are compact to even work in private lawns and can excel on a farm too. They are a solid example of state-of-the-art technology, ready to take new-age farming to a whole other level.

* Matchless versatility

Solis tractors are supremely productive and economical to a consumer. They can carry out any tasks which your farming chore list has. Their versatility and compactness help them be the best companion for you, easing your task efficiently. They can master any task, be it mowing, plowing, tilling, and brushing the snow, cutting hay, lifting heavy material, digging, or gardening. The tractors are masters of all types of farming chores that deliver fuel efficiency with affordability.