Nike Air Max UP White Platinum Tint Black

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Nike Air Max UP White Platinum Tint Black

This spring, Nike will paint the coveted Nike Air Max UP White Platinum Tint Black into a variety of seasonal pastel patterns for ladies, and will now include this multi-color version. Nike Dunk Low already has some different pastel styles, which will be fully unveiled in the upcoming spring season. This version combines multiple tones of sneakers in one silhouette, you can match it with any spring outfit you want to throw. The toes, sides and ankles are made of white leather, the same color as the left and right sides, but in different positions. Pink, mint, purple, yellow, blue and green are used on the overlays, logos and insoles, while the white outsole and matching yellow outsole are placed on the bottom.

In 2021, Nike WMNS Air Force 1 07 Pink White seems to bring ladies a spree consisting of the new Dunk Low color scheme. Although a couple has surfaced before, it is said that more will be revealed at a later date to see this fresh "photon dust" color. Yesterday we took a look at the laser orange and green glow iterations, and now, another Nike dunk low has been found in the photon dust. Although gray has seen its fair share of sneakers in the past, the color will never lose the hype due to the cute neutral tone upper. The side panels, toes and ankle necklines of this Dunk Low shoe are made of white leather. Like the predecessors, photonic gray (light gray) is used on many coverings of the entire body, which helps to enhance the contrast. The bottom and top are perfectly matched, and the midsole and rubber outsole are made of white and photonic dust.

We just watched another women's Nike WMNS Air Force 1 07 White Orange, and now we have launched a new "Glow Green" series with a green and white leather design. Nike recently made some good efforts in their women's football lineup, and just today, we see this, the leak in the laser orange iteration and this double glow green is here. Together with the ladies, men will also go out and buy these two pairs, because they are clean and simple in color and may be popular after release. The interpretation of this glow green will appear in the usual Nike Dunk style, with white leather trim on the side panels, toes and ankle necklines. The glow green then shines as it depicts a deep mint green leather covering the surrounding toes, forefoot, eyelet, and heel. The green brand runs through, and the matching midsole and rubber outsole complete the latest female exclusive design.