Small Spacing LED Display China

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Small Spacing LED Display ChinaSmall Spacing LED Display ChinaSmall Spacing LED Display China

Small Spacing LED Display China Physical point spacing 1.904銕?/p Module size 160X160銕?/p Unit box size 800脳800銕?/p Physical density 275625 dots/銕?/p Luminous point color 1R1G1B Module resolution 84*84=7056DOTS Iron box weight 20銕?/p The main technical parameters Best viewing distance 1m锝?0m Viewing angle level 鈮?60掳 optional Vertical 鈮?60掳 optional Average power consumption锛?00W/銕?/p Maximum power consumption锛?00w/銕?/p Control method: synchronous control Graphics card DVI graphics card Drive mode 1/32 scan Exchange frequency 鈮?0Hz Refresh frequency鈮?00Hz White balance brightness 鈮?000cd/銕?/p Working voltage (AC) Brightness adjustment method Brightness sensor automatic adjustment 16 levels adjustable Software manual adjustment: 100 levels adjustable 100 Computer operating system WIN98, WINXP, WIN2000, etc Video signal RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION, etc. Control System PCTV card (optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + optical fiber transmission (optional) Mean time between failures 鈮?000 hours Life span 75000锝?00000 hours Pixel out of control rate 锛?.0002 Item classification PH1.904-32S Triple LED package 1515Small Spacing LED Display China website: