China Gate Valve suppliers

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China Gate Valve suppliersChina Gate Valve suppliers

China Gate Valve suppliers Gate Valve Gate valves are primarily used for stop valves fully opened or fully closed. They are not normally considered for throttling purposes, but more for slurries, viscous fluids, etc. Gate valves are characterized by a traveling wedge, which is moved with the operation of the stem nut. The wedge travels perpendicular to the direction of the flow. Gate valves usually have a minimum pressure drop when fully open, provide tight shut-off when fully closed, and remain relatively free of contamination buildup. Accessories: Accessories such as gear operators, actuators, bypasses, locking devices, chain wheels, extended stems and bonnets for cryogenic service and many others are available to meet the customers' requirements Applicable Standards: Gate Valve, API600 Steel Valves, ASME B16.34 Face to face ASME B16.10 End Flanges ASME B16.5/ASME B16.47 Butt Welding ends ASME B16.25 Inspection and test API 598 Operated: Hand wheel gear operators, actuators, Material: WCB CF8, CF8M, A105, F304 F316 Size Range: 2"~36" Pressure Rating: ASME CL, 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 Temperature Range: -196鈩儈650鈩?/p Design Description: - Outside Screw and Yoke - Bolted Bonnet and Pressure Seal - Flexible and solid wedge, fully guided - Welding seat rings or Renewable seat rings - Rising stem and non-rising stem - Available with gear operator - Flange Ends Buttwelding Ends - Low torque design, smooth surface stemChina Gate Valve suppliers website: