7 Star Poison Greninja Tera Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Greninja is a fan-favorite Pokemon (and for good reason), and now, the wait to add the Greninja Pokemon to your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet team is over. Now you can tackle the 7 star Poison Greninja Tera Raid and bring it home. You can Buy Pokemon Items at PKMBuy.

Greninja's Water/Dark typing is great defensively, great offensively, and they have a great stat spread and move list, making them a welcome addition to any squad, whether you're building one To deal with the Elite Four or the competitive ranking system.

When can I catch Greninja?
This Tera Raid takes place in two waves, just like Charizard and Cinderace. The first event happens as follows:

January 27-29
February 10-12
You'll also be able to catch 4- and 5-star Bronze Zong and Lucario during the event, both of which are Type Pokémon with an advantage against Water/Dark/Poison Greninja.

before you start
First, before you even think about fighting Greninja, make sure you've done all the 7 star Tera Raid preparations I detailed in my How To Catch Charizard guide. Once that's done, you'll need to build a Pokemon that can fight Greninja.

There are some leaders in this area, including Lucario, Clodsire, and Bronzong, but my recommendation is Slowbro. Charged Slowbro will help you survive for a long time before taking out Greninja with massively damaging, super-efficient damage.

You don't even have to worry about what a Tera type Slowbro is. I've used the Grass Tera type and didn't have Terastalize at all and I'm totally fine with that, though if you have a Psychic Tera type Slowbro that doubles your stored energy damage which is a nice bonus, but the trade off is You lose resistance to Hydro Pump.

Build a Pokemon to Defeat Greninja
You can catch a Tera Slowbro swimming up and down Lake Casseroya in the Northwest Territories. Once you've got them, you'll want to visit the Hyper Trainer in the icy city of Montenevira (north of the map) to max out every stat except attack.

For this, you'll need bottle caps, which you can get from advanced raids, battles in the Academy Tournament, and auctions in Porto Marinada.

Slowbro EV fighting Greninja
Once your Slowbro's IV is maxed out (again, except for the attack stat which we won't be using), it's time to max out the EV. We want to maximize HP and Special Attacks, which will require 26 HP UP and 26 Calcium, which can be purchased at Chansey Supply in Mezagoza (East). You can use the last Iron to give your Defense a small boost to round out your EV.

After that, use Exp. Candy XL (another Tera Raid bonus item) Reach level 100 and then the last thing you need is to move.

Slowbro Moves vs. Greninja
Energy storage (TM41)
Steel Defense (TM104)
Conspiracy (TM140)
Slack (learn at level 33)
Slowbro naturally learned Slack Off, which you'll use to keep up your healing in combat, so now you'll need to get the rest of your moves via TM.

The Stored Power can be found west of Los Platos in the starting area.

The Nasty Plot can be found on the ledge above Research Station 2 in Sector Zero. Teleport there, run outside, turn around, use your legendary mount to climb up the cliff, and then you can jump onto another small ledge to grab TM. You can also earn Nasty Plot by completing Professor Raifort's history lesson, passing the final, catching all four Legendary Pokemon, and then talking to the professor.

Iron Defense is located in the Eastern Province (District 3), just east of the fast travel point of the same name. It sits on a raised table in the middle of the pit.

With all the moves, IVs, EVs, and upgrades done, the last thing you need are items. I recommend leftovers. There are a few that can be found all over the world, but you can also buy them pretty cheap.

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