Guide and everything you need to know to create and sell your own NFT files

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Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT’s are digital assets that represent real-world objects like arts, music, in-game items, and videos. NFTs will revolutionize the way we look at them and open new revenue opportunities. Leverage the benefits of NFTs. Partner with our NFT development company to ex

What is an NFT?
The word NFT comes from English, and means Non-Fungible Goods . That is, a digital asset that is unique.

It is a simple computer file that contains an image, a video, music, a document … any digital item can be converted into an NFT.

How can a digital photo, for example, be unique if infinitely many identical copies can be made?

Buying a cheap laptop PC is not an easy task : you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you’re also not willing to give up basic technical features for the use you’re going to give it. In this guide we show you how to make the purchase right.

Read the news :
NFTs have brought about a revolution in the art and collecting market, because now a digital drawing, a graphic, a meme, can be turned into a unique NFT by associating it with a blockchain, and acquire the same value as a drawing or painting. in physical.

Millions have been paid for NFT development company of famous memes , and even the inventor of the web pages has sold the original code as NFT, for more than 5 million dollars .

What is a chain of blocks or Blockchain?
We have seen how an NFT is a computer file , which becomes unique by assigning it a key that is managed within the blockchain of a cryptocurrency.

The mining of each cryptocurrency or token is recorded here, as well as all transactions of those tokens, when they change hands.

The key feature of the blockchain is that for any transaction of your cryptocurrencies to take place, it must be approved by 51% of all computers on the blockchain.

This is what makes cryptocurrencies and NFT development services impossible to hack, because it would require hacking thousands of computers on the network all over the world at the same time.

In summary
We have seen how cryptocurrencies are encrypted keys, which are managed in their chain of blocks or blockchain.

This chain of blocks has many different uses, apart from managing cryptocurrencies. For example, it also manages NFTs .

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet to cold store dozens of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and many more.

NFTs are bought and sold with cryptocurrency held in a wallet . It can be virtual, for example an account in an online service, or a physical cold wallet, that is, a device that is not connected to the Internet except

Choose your NFTs
The first step is to choose the NFT that you are going to sell.
An artistic work pays well, but there are people who have become millionaires selling curious things, like women with long necks:

This is the software that a 12-year-old girl used to convert her drawings to NFT and win 1.4 million euros

It is very common to make thousands of variants by mixing different parts ( eyes, hair, mouths ), using an app, and then sell them in batches.

There are even people who have become rich selling their own selfies , captured over the years:

NFT Market
There are many NFT markets.

But there are many others that the specialized website The Motley Fool recommendations :

Larva Labs / CryptoPunks
NBA Top Shot Marketplace

4.Nifty Gateway
6.Theta Drop

Choosing the NFT market is important, because each one uses a certain block chain, and a certain cryptocurrency.

What cryptocurrency do I need?
Most NFT markets use the Ethereum blockchain, so they use the Ethreum cryptocurrency . For example, Rarible uses the crypto call Rarible.

They all accept Ethereum for example, but maybe not some others
Most use digital wallets , NFT Development services which are nothing more than an account on a certain specialized service. They are usually free, but they take a commission when you pay from the wallet.

Some widely used wallets are Metamask , Coinbase Wallet , Wallet Connect or Formatic .
Buy cryptocurrencies
Now that you have a wallet, check out the fees for selling NFTs on your chosen marketplace, and buy the cryptocurrencies you need to start selling.

Read the fine print well, because depending on the market they have abundant and strange commissions, depending on how you sell, how you publish, etc.


Upload your NFTs to the NFT marketplace

The service will guide you step by step. You upload the files containing your creations , and they convert them into NFTs, and put them up for sale on the market:

NFT Market
They work in a similar way to eBay: you can put them up for direct sale, or in auction mode , to the highest bidder.

If you sell something, that cryptocurrency payment will be credited to your wallet , after deducting the corresponding commission.