This causes inflation in a game’s economy

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This causes inflation in a game’s economy

If players plan to trade their items, accounts made after the Rocket League went free-to-play got to purchase a minimum of 500 Rocket League Credits to be ready to trade with their peers as a way to curb fraud (Legacy players are exempt from this restriction). Unlike Blueprints, items purchased within the shop are locked to the account that purchased them..

Developer Jagex has had it with gold farmers in its massively multiplayer online game, RuneScape 3. Starting today, it’s launching what it considers the final blow to that dark side of the community: bonds.Gold farming is when people dedicate themselves, or crafty A.I.-controlled bots, to racking up enough in-game money to sell to other players for real cash. Elaborate gold-farming operations overseas have sprung up because it has become such a lucrative industry. This causes inflation in a game’s economy, frustrating both players and developers.In a serious tone that resembles tragic public service announcements, Jagex chief executive Mark Gerhard explained in a video (above) how the new bonds will help “destroy” gold farming. Bonds cost $5 a pop. You can gift them, trade them for items and in-game currency, or redeem them (either for a 14-day membership, 160 RuneCoins, or 8 spins on the Squeal of Fortune wheel to win prizes).

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