I just connected back to RS3

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As someone with no social existence of RS gold and barely any buddy, '' I do not know where I would be without runescape. Not only is it a fantastic match with thousands and thousands of hours of content, but I've met some truely excellent buddies on there. Somehow all my insecurities and anxieties disappear on RuneScape game. The people I meet most have at least one common interest; Gielenor's world. I'll never forget how good I felt when one of my good friends went out of his way when he knew I had been only a couple of mil off obtaining a noxious staff and he spotted me 7m since he knew I had been working so hard for it. I knew none of my friends would do that for me..

Some of my runescape friends I would consider closer than my actual friends. okay. Often times I believe my faith in humanity is restored by some of those lovely people on the internet. You never know who you'll meet and what stories they'll share. And that is why when I'm mining or smithing, coaching in ED3, or simply hanging around the grand market, I talk and listen to the other people playing. Each has an intriguing life they lead, and I really like making friends with them. Thank you runescape, you make me feel okay.

I just connected back to RS3 after 6years of not enjoying it about 2 weeks ago (don't worry, I had been on osrs during this time!) But because I have been back I have joined a clan and they are a few of the nicest folks I have ever met. Also somebody that was friends with a few of the clan leaders randomly decided to give me about 650m since I had been speaking to my friend about becoming 99 herblore and saying I would not have the cash for it.

I guess I really do now:-RRB- faith in humanity has been restored and because I've been back on RS3 it's made me feel like a kid again, not knowing shit about RuneScape match, however relearning everything relating to it and just doing whatever I need, not always attempting to do the very best thing I could for the most xp. And even though there are some poisonous individuals here, (like every match ) I do not even care. Cus to buy rs 3 gold I've already been having Soo much fun it does not matter.

I would just say that although it is good that you're able to get some solace in playing RuneScape sport, this is an avoidance strategy in order to deal with some type of social stress. The problem isn't going off, you are hiding from it. You'll want to at some stage take the big step and get out there and mingle with the folks, whether you have to talk to a professional about this or just take the big leap yourself, you need to jump back in the sea.v