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low price Flexible PCB Product introduction: 聽 2 layer Flexible PCB 2 layer Flexible PCB Glue thickness :0.013mm (13um)Copper thickness :0.036mm (36um) PI Thickness :0.0125mm (12.5um)Process: Chemical gold deposition Glue thickness :0.020mm (20um)F-T test: 100% 聽 2銆乄hat is an fpc锛?/p FPC is short for Flexible Printed Circuit, also known as soft printed circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, flexible circuit board, referred to as soft board or FPC, has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness. It is mainly used in many products such as mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, and LCMs. FPC flexible printed circuit is a printed circuit with high reliability and excellent flexibility made of polyimide or polyester film as a substrate. According to the combination of substrate and copper foil, the flexible circuit board can be divided into two categories: flexible plate with glue and flexible plate without glue. The price of the non-adhesive flexible plate is much higher than that of the flexible plate, but its flexibility, the binding force between the copper foil and the substrate, the flatness of the pad and other parameters are better than that of the flexible plate. So it is generally only used for those very demanding occasions, such as: COF(CHIP ON FLEX, flexible plate paste exposed chip, on the plate flatness requirements are very high). 聽 3銆丆opper foil specifications: 1锛塇alf :PI Thickness :0.0254mm (25.4um) Adhesive thickness :0.02mm (20um) Copper thickness :0.018mm (18um) 2锛?Half and half :PI Thickness :0.0125mm (12.5um) Glue thickness :0.013mm (13um) Copper thickness :0.018mm (18um) 2 layer Flexible PCB Copper foil specifications: 3锛?Double panel half and half: Copper thickness :0.018mm (18um) Glue thickness :0.013mm (13um) PI Thickness :0.0125mm (12.5um) Glue thickness :0.013mm (13um) Copper thickness :0.018mm (18um) 4锛塂ual panel 1 to 1: Copper thickness :0.036mm (36um) Glue thickness :0.020mm (20um) PI Thickness :0.025mm (25um) Glue thickness :0.020mm (20um) Copper thickness :0.036mm (36um) As shown below: 2 layer Flexible PCB exposure process: 聽 4銆?FPC solder resistance ink color 1锛塎atte black 2锛塒hotosensitive black 3锛塎atte white 4锛塖ensitive white 5锛塒hotosensitive green 6锛塖ensitive yellow Step.The 2 layer Flexible PCB above is this color. 7锛塆ray 8锛塀rown 9锛塐il color character color specified by customer 聽 5銆丆overing film descriptions: Number of layers: single side, double side Substrate :PI,PET Maximum plate size :250*350MM The minimum PTH aperture: Phi 0.2MM PTH hole error :+/-0.05MM Minimum line width :0.1MM Minimum line distance :0.1MM Minimum punching slot :0.7MM Appearance processing: die stamping, manual cutting, laser forming External type difference: die stamping +/-0.2MM, manual cutting +/-0.5MM Solder resistance type: laminated (PI/PET), printing multi-color heat curing inks Welding resistance thickness: ink (15-20UM) Reinforcement type :PI, transparent/white PET,FR-4, steel sheet Reinforcing thickness :PI(3mil,5mil,7mil,9mil) Transparent/white PET(0.2mm) FR-4 reinforcement (0.15mm,0.2mm,0.4mm) FPC steel reinforcement (0.15mm,0.2mm,0.3mm) Total thickness tolerance of FPC products :+/-0.05mmCovering 聽 5銆丗PC product features: 1锛塈t can be bent, folded and wound freely, and can be moved and expanded freely in three-dimensional space. 2锛塆ood heat dissipation performance, F-PC can be used to reduce the volume. 3锛塕ealize lightweight, miniaturization and thin shape, so as to achieve the integration of component device and wire connection. 聽聽 6銆丄pplication field MP3, MP4 player, portable CD player, household VCD, DVD, digital camera, mobile phone and mobile phone battery, medical, automotive and aerospace fields FPC has become an important variety of epoxy copper clad plate with flexible function, epoxy resin as a substrate flexible copper clad plate (FPC), Because of its special function, it is used more and more widely, and it is becoming an important variety of epoxy-based copper clad plate. 聽low price Flexible PCB website:http://www.bentepcb.com/flexible-pcb/