RuneScape has been around since 2001

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For anyone who has ever had the displeasure of RS gold of using RuneScape's Grand Exchange, you will know exactly how bad it is. The Grand Exchange is a trading system which enables things to be sold by players. Effectively, it's a auction house where the majority of sport transactions take place. However, as is often the case with RuneScape, its different spaghetti code and poor optimization has left much to be wanted. Happily, 13 years after its release, Jagex's ninja group has finally reworked it. You can check out the entire patch notes on the RuneScape homepage.

Definitely the most notable improvement is that client-side prediction is currently used by the Grand Exchange instead of relying on sport ticks. For games, utilizing the tick system that is integrated is fine. However, RuneScape has depended on game pitches. In other words, for every single action submitted to the server, the player had to wait 0.6 seconds to get a reply -- not such as latency. The debut of prediction means inputs and outputs on the Grand Exchange will likely be several times quicker. This should make both navigating and purchasing necessary items, especially in majority, far more easy.

Players would have thrilled, however, the ninja group didn't stop there. This includes the inclusion of a 20% price change button to get insta-buying or insta-selling, the capability to edit provides without first removing them, and a favorites tab to buy 2007 runescape gold. The latter of them lets players store up to 18 things for ease of purchase on a tab.

For many old MMOs, dated features are a issue. RuneScape has been around since 2001, so a number of its systems haven't aged well. That's why upgrades like these, which often move underappreciated, become the most crucial of all.