EA Job Listing Suggests Madden Could Be Coming To Switch

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EA Job Listing Suggests Madden Could Be Coming To Switch

Madden NFL was a normal face on Nintendo platforms, but we have never seen it for almost a decade after Madden NFL 13 on Wii U. EA is still bringing us yearly updates for FIFA (even if they're"legacy editions"), EA previously said they did not plan to Mut 21 coins release it on Change in 2018, but a current project record indicated Madden might finally be arriving.

That might not seem like much, but preceding EA job listings have not included Nintendo in their criteria.

In the very least, EA might be investigating a potential release. It's well worth keeping in mind that back in June 2020, EA confirmed it would launch seven Shift matches from the 12-month period. June 2021 is only a couple of months off, and we have had six matches supported since then, for example Apex Legends earlier this week.

That leaves one more to go, but awarded Madden's yearly release program, EA could be waiting before the inevitable Madden NFL 22 -- instead of some Madden NFL 21 port -- believing they traditionally launch in August. In any event, let us just hope it isn't another heritage variant, eh?

This year's rival teams have already been determined. The Kansas City Chiefs will go up from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a conflict of the NFL's top quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. As is currently an annual tradition, Digital Arts is celebrating the Super Bowl using a Madden NFL simulation. This year's Madden NFL 21 simulation seems to buy Madden nfl 21 coins predict a excellent game.