How to Register your Business under Start-up India Government Scheme in Electronic City?

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According to Start-up company registration in Electronic city, the government of India has introduced many various measures for the advancement and improvement of the Indian start-ups so far. These created a great number of benefits for the growth and development of Indian start-ups have been established. The government has likewise opened various ways for giving economic guidance and assistance to the MSMEs and small business sectors.

The Ministry of Commerce Industry had started improving and boosting up the start-up business sectors under the various remarkable initiative known as Start-up India or Stand-up India Scheme.

Under this scheme, a business entity has a firm that will continue to be termed as a Start-up, if the company’s annual turnover for any of the previous fiscal years since the beginning of the business does not exceed more than ₹100 crores. Previously the doorsill limit was ₹25 crores.

In addition, the time period for identification of a business as a ‘start-up’ has been increased from 7 years to 10 years.

We must first understand what is the Start-up India and Stand-up India scheme.



Start-up Business Consultants in Electronic city has an adverse “start-up culture” is gaining a huge name in India. In several fields, Start-ups are achieving exceptionally high in India. With a view to further improve the quality of the Indian economy and also to encourage entrepreneurship, the Government of India has taken under the administration of the Ministry of Commerce Industry, that had begun the Start-up India and the Stand-up India initiative in 2015 to boost up the growth of the Indian start-ups.





In order to get recognition and identification under this beneficial scheme, start-ups have to get approval from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

The start-ups are required to achieve various conditions for getting approved under the Start-up India Stand-up India scheme.



In start-up Registration services provider in Electronic city A business entity that meets the following conditions shall be termed as “start-up” under the Start-up India or Stand-up India scheme:


Incorporation of a company should not be before the time period of 10 years

Must be incorporated as a LLP or an Partnership firm or an Private Limited Company

The Annual Turnover of a start-up must not exceed more than INR 100 crore for any of the previous financial years since its date of Incorporation.

The Entity or a company should have been formed already by the promoters and should not be merged by the division of an already existing company or entity.

Innovative concept: The business must have a solid concrete plan for the progress or the development of a service, process, and product. It must have a climbed business model with a high prospective for the increasing of wealth employment generation.

Such a business will be recognized and will be certified by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

How to Apply for COMPANY REGISTRATION in Electronic City?


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