Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago DA9089-100 to Arrive this Wednesday

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Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago DA9089-100 to Arrive this Wednesday

Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago has been reissued several times, it has not appeared since 2014. This canvas classic finally returns tomorrow, full of Chicago's glory. Like the first pair released in 1986, the design shows a striking similarity to the color scheme of Jordan's 1OG "Chicago". The only obvious difference is that there is no red covering on the heel, it is always white. Elsewhere, the pair of shoes are almost entirely constructed of canvas, because the iconic red covering is stitched to a white foundation. In order to offset the soft material, a tribute to the original AJ1, the black styling sofa and the collar choose smooth leather. Finally, a red outsole and a contrasting white midsole complete the highly anticipated model.

In order to prepare for July 4th,  2020 Jordan Sneaker has reduced the American style color scheme. In these series, AirMax90 suppressed it and provided another patriotic plan. What follows is a fairly comprehensive recognition of the American flag. However, unlike the previous pair, the dark royal blue helm is decorated with mesh cloth and leather panels on the upper part. In contrast, Swoosh and heel tags bring a "sail" blow effect, while the midsole, laces and lining are more faithful and true white. Below, these tools pay tribute to the country in bright red accents, complementing the orange of tongue and counter brands.

Sneakerheads2020 ,Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (Paris Saint-Germain) may no longer participate in the Champions League (and won't win Ligue 1), but they can boast of what their competition is not: a healthy partnership with the Jordan brand. In the past few years, this relationship has produced some coveted air Jordan collaborations. Recently, a Jordan LS slide was prepared, which will definitely make die-hard and casual fans put on their current casual shoes. Like other slides and sandals on the market, this Nike shoe is also obsessed with some canvas straps and folding panels on the solid foam sole. This style of body has a bunch of portraits related to Paris Saint-Germain, that is, the iris and "Paris" on the club jersey. The blockade provides three-tone talent and has a major "college red" arrangement. The co-branded bracket pocket is secured by a similar shoulder strap, revealing the words "Paris Saint-Germain" with a jumper logo underneath.