I started playing WoW in 201

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Try again in the winter. There is a completely new expansion (not just a patch such as Visions of classic wow gold N'zoth) coming out that may be a good deal better. Battle For Azeroth was just a huge bumblefuck. Problem was, those patches had essentially nothing.

Thus far, the changes it's bringing are huge, it's introducing some really promising new components, and also the Covenants that are likely to be the next"thing" following Azerite is apparently nothing similar to it. Just generally. Blizzard is apparently scrambling to track right after the tragedy that was the past couple of years. Being cynical constantly and supposing the worst doesn't really improve your life at all.

I am so sorry. I started playing WoW in 2012 and while the cracks were revealing, most of it was unbelievably good and that I was happy playing before the newest expansion. It's sad that you started in the latest expansion and even you realize the principal issue. They focus on what's big and bombastic and not on that which makes sense. The stakes are raised so high that there aren't any more bets.

They supposedly want to enhance the brand new player experience by forcing them into a new starting zone and then into the BfA questing zones, but I have my doubts about being easier to understand... I don't mind grinding, but I feel like the reward should feel meaningful and last for quite some time. So that just is not happening in modern WoW. While I do like WOW Classic more, it is hard to recommend it to individuals on a large post about the horrific customer care, lol. Thanks for leaving your thoughts!

In all honesty, the entire WOW Classic community is this a contradictory mess. 90 percent of the discussion threads are complaints and sniping at each other or Blizzard/Activision along with also the subreddit isn't that far better. I would not argue that the customer support was great or that they have not badly mishandled things (ex. The Blitzchung mess, a handful of adjustments made for WOW Classic) but they also have to manage a playerbase that can be incredibly entitled and buy wow classic gold poisonous.