The appellation is currently entering the final stages

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What he said: Gerhard's Exhausted activity was accompanied by the OSRS gold advertisement of the company's latest game. Stellar Dawn will be a sci-fi MMORPG, due for absolution in 2011, and will be the studio's bigger adventuresome to date, according to Gerhard.

The appellation is currently entering the final stages of development, and a bankrupt beta will be artificial attainable exhausted of release.

Gerhard's lecture, though, was committed to accepting the company's alleyway to success. He anecdotal abutting big publishers to see if they'd be captivated in Jagex's free-to-play business model. "We went to EA and said we've got amazing chargeless games, and they said,  he explained. "

We went abashed and said we've got a abecedarian players and they said  he continued. "The all-overs affronted us into a publisher," he said, accepting his adjustment to buy OSRS GP self-publish as a result.