The RuneScape is situated in one of those vacant homes in Falador

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And an interface will appear asking you to enter details on your clan. It will look like this: Form your desired Clan name and initials, select your clans wilderness capes colour RS Gold, type the minimal and maximal combat requirements (if you want only a minimum requirement then at the maximal, compose"138") and press"Accept". You will need 5,000gp to make a clan. If you won't possess the 5,000gp in your stock the display will be closed and Calladin will tell you that you don't have sufficient money.

In case you had the money then congratulations, you have made your own clan. You want 5,000gp because thats the fee to get a clan guild. Whenever you make a clan you automatically get a clan guild which you are able to access in the Rimmington POH portalsite. Later you can move it to various places. If you want to change your own clans details, talk to Calladin again, but you will want 1,000gp. Now when you want to invite someone to your clan, right click the individual and choose"Add to clan". One player can only have one clan at a time. Not two, not three no other amount than one.

And the person you wished to enhance your clan will need to accept or decline your invitation at a display like this: If his combat level does not meet the requirements and he moves the"Accept", button he'll get a message telling that he can not do it. "Clan guild" means which POH portal you need to use to input your Clans Guild. That will be explained below.

When you have created your Clan you may mechanically receive a Clan Guild. Its like all those other guilds in RuneScape (Ranged, Mining, Warrior etc.), however this one is your own and only your clan can input. Inside this guild you'll be able to build great deal of attractions. For instance, in case you've got a PKing clan you can build a fighting dungeon such as in normal POH's, or when you've got a Skilling established clan, you may make a Contest Room with (for example) that a Woodcutting Contest Space. Players receive Bronze axes and the one that woodcutts the most logs at a moment wins. Of course you don't get xp and logs are deleted after the competition. You may even add rewards to your own competitions.

Now in the event that you would like to change the look of the guild or transfer it into different portal, go and speak to the Estate Agent at Varrock Buy OSRS Accounts. That's the exact same NPC that moves your house or changes is style. You can find him north of the entrance to Varrock sewers. Ask him about changing the appearance of the guild and it's place and you'll be accessible to change it for a fee.