About Lockabee
Find a new friend for the right activity today!

Why Lockabee you might ask?

Well first of all, humans are just like bees don't you think?

Always buzzing around and busy with our lives that sometimes we forgot to take a much needed break from our daily routine just to spend a quality time with what we truly like to do for ourselves, especially if we only have a very limited time of leisure during the day.

And when we do have that free time for ourselves, won't it be great if we can just spend it to find a new friend or a partner who shares that same particular interest or passion with us regardless of race, religion, gender or just about anyone from anywhere around the world.

That's why we have envisioned a unique social media platform just for everyone to Lock-A-Bee today!

We hoped you have a wonderful experience searching for the next person who shares that same interest with you, make some new friends along the way, create your personal interest groups, write a blog about anything you like, brag about your social activities or just to find that elusive soulmate that you have been searching for in such a long time.

Whatever you do, give Lockabee a try...Find a new partner for the right activity today!